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Term of Use:

The content published on this website is only related to sports information. This website only contains the cricket latest news related to series and leagues.

Only website managers will publish posts, images, or any information on this blog. The users will guide us through email or commenting on a message in the comment section.

This website does not link with any third party or not any third person publishes any content on this blog.


The images or logos used in this website are the property of cricoal. If you have to use these images, then contact us through email. If you think that any content uploaded on this website does not belong to cricoal, contact our team members.


The information uploaded on this website had collected from different sources, including cricket news channels. Any information in the comment section of a post does not belong to us; it’s just the user’s opinion.

Use of Google Analytics:

This website also used Google Analytics like other websites. Google Analytics stores the user’s IP address, not any additional information that will harm viewers in the upcoming time. The data saved by it does not share with any third party.