Asian cricket council inaugurated the Asia cup back in 1983. The first tournament of the Asia cup was organized in Sharjah. The headquarters of the Asian Cricket Council was also situated in the same city. The most successful team in the Asia cup in India. This team earned 7 titles. In contrast, Sri Lanka is at number 2 in terms of winning streak. Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh appeared in a total of 13 matches. 

1st three editions (1984-88):

India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh took part in the 1983 tournament. India hailed the final victory. Sri Lanka won only one match against Pakistan, while Pakistan didn’t win any game in this tournament. Sri Lanka beat Pakistan and won the trophy back in 1986. In 1988, India took the Asian cup trophy by winning against Sri Lanka.

Subsequent three Editions (1990-97):

1990 tournament was organized in India. Pakistan refused to participate in this tournament due to political conflicts with India. So, it got cancelled. In the next series, which was held in 1995, the run rate of India and Sri Lanka was higher than Pakistan. These two teams made it to the final, and India beat Sri Lanka by six wickets in the final round. Sri Lanka defeated India in the next series by getting 8 wickets.

In 2000, India did not make it to the final. Pakistan got a chance to win the Asian Cup for the first time in history by defeating Sri Lanka. The next edition of the Asia Cup was held in Sri Lanka. Two new teams participated in the tournament, i.e., Hong Kong & UAE.
India and Sri Lanka became the finalist after defeating all other teams. In the final, Sri Lanka won the series against India.

The next tournament was held in Pakistan. Sri Lanka and India reached the final round. Sri Lanka hailed the winning streak by winning for the fourth time in Aisa Cup. Sri Lanka hosted the Asian Cup back in 2010. Several countries participated in this tournament. India and Sri Lanka defeated all the teams and qualified to play in the final round. In this series, India became the champions of the Asia cup.

2012-18 Editions:

In 2012, Pakistan and Bangladesh reached the final round. This edition was organized in Bangladesh. Bangladesh made it to the final for the first time in history. Bangladesh couldn’t win the final round, and Pakistan took the Asia Cup for the second time. The Next edition (2014) also took place in Bangladesh. Five teams took part in this tournament. Sri Lanka and Pakistan beat all the 3 teams and played the final round. Sri Lanka won the series by getting 5 Wickets against Pakistan and hailed the Asia cup.

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ICC decided that the Asia cup will be conducted on a rotation basis in ODI and T20I formats. In 2016, five teams played T20I matches in Bangladesh stadiums. India had won the final round of Asia Cup 2016 from Bangladesh by a high lead. Asia Cup 2018 was conducted in India & some of its matches had played in UAE. There were some conflicts between India and Pakistan, so Pakistan refused to play in India. India won the final match by 3 wickets against Bangladesh.

2020-22 season Postponed:

It was impossible to organize the Asia cup in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The tournament was postponed to 2021 & now the date of Asia Cup 2022 has been announced. Asia Cup 2022 will starts on 27 August & end on 11 September 2022.

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