The Gabba, formerly known as Brisbane Cricket Stadium, has been selected as a venue for ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2022 for its grounds are perfectly suitable for international sports, including cricket.


Australian soil gave birth to worthy playing grounds in the past. The Gabba was founded in 1895  for cricket purposes and later used as a home for rugby, athletics, football, baseball, concerts, cricket, cycling, Association football and greyhound racing. Major plays in Gabba include Big Bash League, Women’s Big Bash League, Australian Football League and Queensland Bulls.
Why Is Gabba named so?

he Brisbane Cricket Stadium was renamed The Gabba for better pronunciation and ease of people as it is located on the outskirts of Woolloongabba.
Pitch play drop-in pitch or not?

The Gabba, a super bouncy and swift pitch, has always supported its batsman and a little margin for fast bowlers. Along with other stadiums, Brisbane Cricket Stadium has also opposed installing the drop-in-pitches that will prove unfavorable if instated in the Gabba.

Greyhound racing tracks

After organizing various Greyhound races, the Gabba has demolished the tracks for the refurbishments in the stadium because it has faced massive opposition for loopholes in the system.

Although the renovations have curtailed the stadium’s capacity, the brand new infrastructure facilitates Australian rules football with a 170 x149m playing area and an electronic scoreboard that is supposed to be revamped for the upcoming Olympics.

India’s historic victory over Australia at the Gabba

Over the invincible records of Australia at the Brisbane Cricket Stadium for the past 32 years, the Gabba had lost its first test match against India in 2021, making it the 1st Asian country to win a Test match at this venue.

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What will be the next venture for the Olympics?

The International Olympic Committee allowed the 2023 Olympics to be held in the Gabba. Queensland’s Government has planned a complete renovation to maximize the seating capacity up to 50,000 congested in the recent developments.

All set for T20 World Cup 2022

Being the 1st Australian venue to host ICC T20 matches, Brisbane is again ready to organize four matches, including two day-night matches under ICC Men’s T20 World Cup in October-November this year. In addition, it will also organize ICC World Test Championship, in which Australia will face South Africa as its opponent.

Gabba Complete Analysis:

AddressVulture St, Woolloongabba QLD 4102, Australia
Phone#+61 1300843422
Size170 x 149 m
Seating Capacity42000
Highest Attendance37,473 (Australian rules football, 2019)
Highest Run rate1335 (Ricky Ponting)
Highest Individual score259 off 398 balls (Michael Clarke)
First Test MatchSouth Africa vs Australia (1931)
GamesRugby Leagues, Athletics, Australia rules football, Baseball, Cricket, Cycling, Association football.
LeaguesBig Bash League, Women’s Big Bash League, Australian Football League and Queensland Bulls.


9 October 2022ICC Men’s T20 World Cup20England vs Australia
30 October 202203:00 GMTICC Men’s T20 World Cup20TBC vs Bangladesh
31 October 202208:00 GMTICC Men’s T20 World Cup20TBC vs Australia
1 November 202204:00 GMT
08:00 GMT
ICC Men’s T20 World Cup20TBC vs Afghanistan
New Zealand vs England
17 – 21 December 2022ICC World Test Championship TestAustralia vs South Africa
Cric Coal


In short, the Gabba is one of the outstanding venues in Australia which are favourable for outdoor sports. However, the re-developments enhance the capacity of Gabba for the 2023 Olympics. This article has discussed the key features of the Brisbane Cricket stadium (The Gabba), making it easier for the readers to find the best of the Gabba in one place. 

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